Private label

The whole attention to the customer and the ability to satisfy his requests in the best way possible, have enabled to consolidate our presence in the private label world, to which is dedicated our main activity and from which derives the 90% of the turnover.

Our strength is building a deep collaborative relationship with the customer, in order to understand the commercial needs that are essential to realize a private label product that will fulfill the supplier and the end user’s needs.

Some of the main partners with whom we have started important collaborations, are:

  • Italy

    Brands: Granarolo, Orogel, Maxi Di

    Private label products, Granarolo brandPrivate label products, Orogel brandPrivate label products, Maxi Di brandPrivate label products, Orogel brand
  • International brands

    Brands: Lidl

    Private label products, Lidl brand
  • Austria

    Brands: Billa, Merkur

    Private label products, Billa brandPrivate label products, Merkur brand
  • Denmark

    Brands: Gestus, Levevis

    Private label products, Gestus brandPrivate label products, Levevis brand
  • France

    Brands: Picard, Saporit

    Private label products, Picard brandPrivate label products, Saporit brand
  • Germany

    Brands: Netto

    Private label products, Netto brand
  • Great Britain

    Brands: Aldi

    Private label products, Aldi brand
  • Poland

    Brand: Biedronka

    Private label products, Biedronka brandPrivate label products, Wtoska brandPrivate label products, Biedronka brandPrivate label products, Biedronka brand
  • USA

    Brands: Aldi

    Private label products, Aldi brand

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