The certifications we have achieved

Quality is achieved through the smallest choices.

Our production is remarkable for it’s transparency and its scrupulosity.

We everyday work towards crafting the highest quality ice cream respecting the environment and our clients needs.

A constant everyday commitment of quality and excellence, verified and guaranteed from the most prestigious national organizations.

Respecting the highest qualitative European standards has allowed our production to achieve the most important and well known certifications worldwide.

Other certifications add up to the ones regarding our production site and our production management, such as those who certify the finished product and those who ward the whole supply chain.

An example is the U.S.D.A.?

Organic certification for our biological ice cream and our V-label Vegan, which states our 100% natural and vegan origins of the raw materials used to craft these products.

Another one is the Rain Forest Alliance, which shows that our raw ingredients come from sustainable agriculture and support our planet as well as the farmers.

These are the most important certifications we have achieved:

  • Certification for organic productsaccording to regulation EC 834/2007
  • BRCGS - Global Standard for Food Safety
  • IFS Food - International Featured Standards
  • Rain Forest Alliance
  • RSPO - Olio di Palma Sostenibile Certificato
  • HQC - Halal Quality Control
  • V-Label Vegan

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