Quality at all levels!

Casa del Gelato, quality makes uniqueness.

Since the very beginning, our “Quality, Research and Development” team has aimed to grow and evolve to be able to guarantee the highest quality ice cream.

To us, producing ice cream means producing quality.

It means developing a product starting from it’s highest grade of pure quality.

The Casa del Gelato’s quality can be measured trough:

The production chain

Quality can be found through a careful selection of suppliers and the production of the most healthy foods, who comply with all the mandatory legislative requirements.

The company:

Quality means rationalization of the production activity, quick and efficient problem solving of the occurring issues and constant development for better future functioning.

The people:

To be able to craft something as excellent as our products, there must be aware, partaking and motivated people who work on it, allowing you to enjoy a high quality delicacy that meets your highest standards.

The security:

Quality also means possessing a safe environment where producing the goods. Our business operates respecting the environment and promoting respect for every gender, race, age, religion and political ideas.

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