History of a high quality ice cream for over 40 years

From a little ice cream laboratory to the expertise of international ice cream crafting business.

We grew through several decades of satisfying achievements. Here’s some of the unforgettable milestones: from the foundation, to today.


Everything began in the 1979, when Angelo Giovanardi opened his little production laboratory and ice cream shop in Maranello’s city centre, in the province of Modena.

Thanks to Angelo’s resourcefulness and experience, his ice cream became quickly well known: beginning as the preferred dessert on the local’s home dinner tables, it also began to appear as an essential item for bars, restaurants and various catering companies.


Angelo’s sons, Corrado and Andrea, took the reins of the company, transforming it from an artisanal laboratory to a blooming modern industry, aiming to produce their ice cream for large restoration chains and to become a part of the Great Distribution system.

Treasuring what Angelo’s taught them, Corrado and Andrea’s ambition was to develop their family business, preserving the high qualitative standards of the original artisanal laboratory, and applying it to their production, knowing how determinant it is to be able to guarantee successful products.


Starting from European countries, Casa Del Gelato begins to export it’s own products, managing to then reach all the 4 continents.


In 2011, Casa Del Gelato, finds it’s today location in a modern and functional productive site, to be able to face the increasingly higher market demand and to maintain and respect the productive international standards regarding hygiene, quality and safeguards.


In the midst of it’s international expansion, Casa Del Gelato, lands in the United States, opening a new productive site in Bradenton, Florida.

As a true insider now, Casa Del Gelato quickly responds to the American market demand.


On the 4th of May 2019, the first ice cream Outlet opens in Maranello, to consolidate an established relationship with consumers and to allow them to taste a 0 km high quality ice cream, produced in the nearby site in Pozza di Maranello.

Now you know our history and how Casa del Gelato was born. How about learning more about what may fit better with your own business demand?

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