The values behind our ice cream uniqueness.

Casa del Gelato, when the ice cream means home!

What makes Casa del Gelato unique? A professional qualified and passionate working team, producing traditional artisanal ice cream.

Producing ice cream to us means:


Milk, cream and fresh eggs; just a few and simple ingredients to create our ice cream recipe. A genuine product that symbolizes the ancient Italian culinary confectionary tradition.

We pay great attention in choosing the raw materials, ensuring their technical, health and hygiene suitability, to guarantee the highest quality for each of our products.


Casa del Gelato has collected 4 decades of history and experience, evolving with time, together with the targeted client’s needs.

It was born as a family run artisanal laboratory and it developed in a modern industry, fully integrated and able to handle each of the productive processes, complying the highest international health and hygiene standards.


Our establishment prides three productive lines, able to work on 8 hours shifts each, six days a week and offering to our clients a constant competitive efficiency.

We internally control every productive phase, from the early procurement of the raw materials and packaging, to the realization and shipment of the products.

We also promote a productive process that respects the environment, controlling the impact on it and reducing the wastage.


Thanks to our artisanal origins, we learned to be flexible trough the productive process, and to pay deep care and attention in producing our ice cream. This is something rare to find in the industrial production nowadays.

Our international commitment, together with our previous work experiences with some of the major confectionery chains, allow us to be able to produce large quantities of ice cream, each with the same characteristics and proportions.

To respond to our client’s needs and to manage their demands, we propose various formats and solutions, in regards to the packaging, the quantities and the recipes. We can provide the most traditional flavours, but also those that are more developed and refined.

Don’t forget the ice cream sticks you can savour while on a walk.

We also produce lactose free products, soya based, vegan, bio, and packaged in disposable paper wrapping or plastic packaging…to each their own!

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