Our ice cream: Tradition, research and development

Tradition and innovation. Two of the most important values that confers uniqueness and unmistakable touches to our Italian ice creams all around the world.

Our desire to honour traditions is molded together with the innovative technologies on production, that never ceases to evolve.

The experience we gathered and our thirst for constant growth, allowed our Research and Development team to expand on innovative projects, to meet client’s and market’s increasing requests.

The artisanal craftsmanship, the rooted respect for the ancient traditions and the constant seek of innovative knowledge, gave us the ability to produce our highest quality ice cream.

Our Research and Development team constantly works to elaborate new flavours and new products to enrich our already wide catalogue.

The development of new and creative flavours and products, goes through several steps:

Careful analysis of the client’s demand

Market analysis, targeted consumers identification, identification of the qualities the product needs to possess.

Research behind the recipe

Definition of the main necessary ingredients, for the preparation and the productions of the samples.

Validation of the product

Through organoleptic tests, microbiological and chemical analysis and determination of the shelf life.


Study behind logistics, how the packaging should graphically look like and of the methods on how items will be packaged.

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