Control process

Our key factor is our continuous commitment to the highest quality of products and services.

This quality is guaranteed by accurate process controls:

  1. Selection of ingredient and raw material suppliers

    In order to guarantee the highest quality of ingredients and raw materials, it is essential to make a selection of suppliers, evaluating the market in which they are operating and verifying raw materials’ suitability in terms of both technical and health factors

  2. Control of ingredients

    We use only prime ingredients that comply with precise quality standards, verified by means of internal process control.

  3. Reliability of the production process, its phases and personnel

    Our company bases its productive process on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system, developed and updated by a team of qualified experts in the field.

    Personnel are thoroughly educated with regard to hygiene rules and regularly undergo specific controls and participate in training activities.

Quality Assurance

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