We carefully monitor each and every production stage

One of the aims of our business is the research and the development of the highest quality products and services.

Developing a qualitative and efficient system takes a lot time and energy.

Casa del Gelato, operates through the various production stages, searching and guaranteeing the best solution for their clients and their targeted markets.

It also means to minimize all the possible wastages, promoting people and planet’s wellbeing.

Our quality is assured by accurate supervision processes; from the procurement to the finished product.

Suppliers selection

Our ideal partners should be able to provide us with continuous supplies, respecting the delivery times.

Selection of ingredients

Every single ingredient chosen has to firstly pass a severe inspection to assure the respect of the qualitative standards regarding the technical and sanitary suitability.

Productive process reliability

These are tied with the crafting processing. The mixing of all the ingredients, the pasteurization, the freezing and the subsequent stages of packaging, storage and shipping of our finished products.

Our business relies on the HACCP (Hazzard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system, constantly updated by a team of qualified field experts.

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