Taste the Layers
  • Taste the Layers
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Caffè e Amaretto (Coffee Cookie Crumble)
  • Delizia al Limone e Lampone (Raspberry Lemon Pie)

Taste The Layers are a true sensational innovation in the world of ice cream.

Born from the idea of escaping from the ordinary ice cream tub, our product gives the consumer a chance of falling in love with a medley of unforgettable textures and flavours.

Three inimitable choices of crumbles, flakes, syrups and creamy ice creams, that perfectly pair together and recreate the taste of a proper traditional dessert

Whatever you desire from tub of ice cream, Taste The Layers will 100% satisfy it.

Don’t wait any longer and try the innovation of 2023!

An explosion of taste to be discovered...

... from top to bottom.

Just sink the spoon into the taste!

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