Premium Gelato Ritorno alle Origini (Back to Origins) 16.9fl oz /14.11oz

Black plastic pint with screw on lid
  • Black plastic pint with screw on lid
  • Cuor di Pistacchio (a Heart of Pistachio)
  • Dolce Mou (Toffee)
  • Mascarpone e Biscotti (Mascarpone cheese and Brownies)
  • Stracciatella al Caffè (Stracciatella and Coffee)

Extremely High Quality Gelato made like once. Prepared with fresh cream and eggs and with a very high percentage of the main and charecterising ingredients. Proposed in a sophisticated, elegant and innovative kind of packaging.

Flavor Available

CUOR DI PISTACCHIO (A HEART OF PISTACHIO): Pistachio gelato made with the 13% of PISTACHIO and rich in FRESH CREAM and FRESH EGGS.
DOLCE MOU (TOFFEE): Caramel gelato rich in FRESH CREAM (35%), FRESH EGGS and swirled with salted caramel and butter.
MASCARPONE & BISCOTTI (MASCARPONE CHEESE AND BROWNIES): Mascarpone gelato made with FRESH MASCARPONE CHEESE, rich in FRESH CREAM, FRESH EGGS and with chocolate brawnies as inclusions.
STRACCIATELLA AL CAFFE’ (STRACCIATELLA AND COFFEE): Coffee gelato rich in FRESH CREAM (36%), FRESH EGGS, coffee and dark chocolate flakes as inclusions.

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